ECTFE Coating

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Protect Your Assets with High-Quality PFA Coatings

PFA coatings have proven to be useful in a variety of industries. PFA coating services are used by medical equipment manufacturers, agricultural equipment and food processing organisations, as well as semiconductor, aerospace, and chemical engineering experts.

At Fluton Valve India, we recognise the importance of high-performance components in ensuring the success of various applications. That's why we offer PFA coating technology that enhances the performance of your components by providing a durable coating capable of withstanding harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and corrosive chemicals.

Enhance Your Products with Superior PFA Coatings

With our PFA coating services, you can enhance your products as the coating forms a non-porous film that is chemically resistant. This property makes PFA an excellent coating choice for chemical industry pumps, tanks, and vessels. Fluton Valve's PFA has exceptional temperature resistance, too, withstanding continuous temperatures of up to 260°Celsius. It also has excellent cryogenic stability, retaining its physical properties at temperatures as low as -154.4°F.

PFA is a thermoplastic that builds up significantly thicker than other fluoropolymers, providing greater toughness than PTFE or FEP coatings. There is also an Ultra-Durable PFA formulation available.

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