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  • PTFE Lined Ball ValvePTFE Lined Ball Valve

    PTFE Lined Ball Valve

    Specification Available from 25 mm Nb to 200 mm Nb. Low torque. Quarter-turn operation. Bubble tight shut off. Minimum pressure drop Introducing The PTFE Lined…

  • PTFE Lined Butterfly ValvePTFE Lined Butterfly Valve

    PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve

    Specification Available from 25 mm to 300 mm Excellent Chemical Resistance Unbeatable Chemical Resistance With The PTFE-Lined Butterfly Valve Innovative PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve: The…

  • PTFE Lined Check ValvePTFE Lined Check Valve (NRV)

    PTFE Lined Check Valve (NRV)

    Specification Available from 50mm to 300mm Experience Unbeatable Chemical Resistance With Pfa-Lined Check Valves Safe Handling of Aggressive Media with PFA Lined Check Valves Our…

  • PTFE Lined Diaphragm ValvePTFE Lined Diaphragm Valve

    PTFE Lined Diaphragm Valves

    Specification Available from 25 mm x 250 mm Diaphragm Valves are engineered for the top tough work environment of chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, corrosive industries, etc.…

  • PTFE Lined Flush Bottom ValvePTFE Lined Flush Bottom Valve

    PTFE Lined Flush Bottom Valve

    Specification Available from 50 mm x 75 mm, 100 mm x 75 mm, 100 mm x 150 mm sizes Highly Corrosive Toxic Liquid Services Heavy…

  • PTFE Lined Plug ValvePTFE Lined Plug Valve

    PTFE Lined Plug Valve

    Specification Available from 25 mm to 400 mm Processing Temperature Get The Most Out Of Your Valves With Pfa Lining Technology Upgrade Your Valve System…