ECTFE Coating

PTFE Lined Check Valve (NRV)


  • Available from 50mm to 300mm

Experience Unbeatable Chemical Resistance With Pfa-Lined Check Valves

Safe Aggressive Media Handling with PFA Lined Check Valves

Our PFA Lined Check Valves are designed to prevent backflow and ensure that fluids flow in the intended direction in pipelines. There are several reasons why PFA-lined check valves should be used in industrial applications. If you are wondering why you should use our valves, you should know that Fluton Valve's products are enhanced in such a way that it is resistant to chemicals.

The PFA lining is made of a fluoropolymer that is resistant to a variety of chemicals, such as acids, bases, and organic solvents. Therefore, they are ideal for use in industries that deal with corrosive or aggressive chemicals.

Enjoy the durability and longevity of high-quality check valves.

PFA-lined check valves are extremely durable and long-lasting. The PFA lining protects against abrasion, wear, and tear. They are also heat resistant, so they're appropriate to be used in high-temperature applications. Check valves with PFA linings have excellent sealing properties too. The lining creates a tight seal, which prevents leaks and drips, which is why it is used in industries and places where even a minor leak could cause serious damage to the equipment or the environment.

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